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Wills and Trusts: Estate Planning by Experienced Kansas City, Missouri-area Attorneys

If you are seeking an informed and knowledgeable legal representative experienced in issues related to wills and trusts in the Kansas City, Missouri area, you will find the expertise you need at the law offices of Beam-Ward, Kruse, Wilson & Fletes, LLC. Our estate planning attorneys are able to provide clients with confidential, objective, professional advice on how to best meet their needs and serve their interests.

Our staff is well versed in wills and trusts, tax strategy, powers of attorney, living wills, and other related documents pertaining to the distribution of assets after a death. If you would like more information on estate planning and related issues such as wills and trusts, contact our offices in the Kansas City, Missouri area to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Are wills and trusts right for me?

Many people are under the misconception that wills and trusts are only useful for wealthy individuals, but that isn’t the case. Wills and trusts allow people in a variety of financial positions to manage, distribute, and in some cases dispose of their assets after death. The purpose of estate planning is to meet not only your needs and interests, but the needs and interests of your surviving family members as well after your passing. Regardless of your financial status, a will can be an invaluable tool for leaving your affairs in order and helping your loved ones cope after you pass away.

Another common misconception concerning wills and trusts is that they are only applicable after a person’s death. Wills can provide family members with instructions should you lose the capacity to make your own decisions, and they can also outline what your medical choices and preferences are for the latter stages of your life. These documents may include authorizations for or prohibitions against the use of life-saving equipment or procedures such as artificial breathers or resuscitation in the event of a catastrophic injury or illness.

Wills and trusts are important tools for everybody, not just individuals who have acquired substantial assets. If you would like to learn more about estate planning, or if you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss wills and trusts, contact our Kansas City, Missouri-area offices today. We can help you plan the future for yourself and your family.

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The complex particulars of estate planning, because of their great importance, should be left to professional individuals well-versed in how the process functions. Wills and trusts can have a major impact on those you leave behind, so it is imperative to ensure that your will functions the way that you envision and accomplishes the goals that you set out to achieve. Our estate planning attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide sound and reliable legal advice when it comes time for you to set up wills and trusts.

There are numerous families every year who suffer undue stress and burden as a result of a deceased family member leaving them with inadequate legal documentation regarding their wishes. Our goal at Beam-Ward, Kruse, Wilson & Fletes, LLC is to guarantee that your wishes will be properly outlined in your will so that they can be taken care of exactly as you plan. If you are interested in estate planning, contact our law offices today. When it comes to wills and trusts, our attorneys in the Kansas City, Missouri area have the experience and knowledge needed to assure that your intentions are honored.

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Our estate planning attorneys have the knowledge necessary to provide you and your family with sound legal advice, and can help you plan for your future. To schedule a consultation on estate planning or for more information on wills and trusts in the Kansas City, Missouri area, contact our law offices today.

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